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What Makes Dental Deep Cleaning Different from Regular Cleaning?

Updated: May 14

We often take our teeth for granted. But if you think about it, they’re vital to our overall health and wellbeing. Not only do they help us chew and speak, but they also play a huge role in our appearance. Imagine not being able to smile confidently because of yellow, stained teeth. Or, have you ever experienced toothache that is so persistent it ruins your entire day? Simply put, taking care of our teeth should be a top priority for everyone.


But before you book an appointment with your dentist, you need to know the difference between a regular cleaning and a dental deep cleaning.


Difference between a regular cleaning and a dental deep cleaning


There are two types of dental cleanings: regular and deep cleaning. Both are important in maintaining good oral health, but they serve different purposes.


Regular cleaning is recommended every six months to remove plaque and tartar buildup on the surface of your teeth. In regular cleaning, your dentist or dental hygienist uses a scaler to scrape off the buildup on your teeth. Regular cleaning offers:


●      Gum disease prevention

●      Fresh breath

●      Cleaner, whiter teeth

●      Tooth decay prevention

●      Early detection of potential dental problems

●      More affordable option to maintain good oral health


While regular cleanings work on the surface of your teeth, right at or above where your gums start, deep cleaning goes further. Dental deep cleaning involves getting rid of plaque and tartar from the tooth's root located beneath the gum line. This advanced form of cleaning is particularly recommended for patients with excessive plaque buildup, gum diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis, and those who have not had a regular cleaning in a while.


Another difference is the length of time each procedure takes. Regular cleaning usually takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and is required only once or twice a year. A deep cleaning, on the other hand, can take up to two hours and may require multiple appointments depending on the severity of your case.


For both regular and dental deep cleaning, Lynnwood Dental Studio is equipped with the latest technology and techniques that give you peace of mind and satisfaction. Call us today at (425) 778 5665 to book your appointment.


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