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Loose Crown or Loose Filling

Dentist in Lynnwood

While you are enjoying your favorite food, suddenly you notice a crown or filling feels loose, it makes you panic enough, because you know it could be a problem with your crown or filling. Common signs of loose crowns are sudden development of temperature sensitivity to hot and cold.


Most of the time, crowns or fillings become loose because of the development of decay beneath them. When the decay severely destroys and alters the shape of the tooth, the dentist cannot recement it back on the tooth.


If a crown has dislodged from the tooth, make a dental appointment as soon as possible. Keep the crown in a safe place and bring it to the dentist; there is a possibility that the dentist can recement it if it fits. If the crown doesn’t fit, most likely due to the decay, the dentist will remove the decay and place a new crown.  


If a crown is loose or dislodged, don’t panic; it is rarely an emergency. If the crown is out of the mouth for a long period of time, the teeth may shift or move and cause further damage. A completely dislodged crown, however, causes extreme sensitivity to air, pressure, hot and cold, and qualifies for a dental emergency. So, call Lynnwood Dental Studio to schedule an appointment. We offer same-day appointments.

Our Emergency Dental Services

When you cannot reach a dentist immediately or dental treatment is not possible, here are a few tips to follow.


With a cotton swab, apply clove oil directly to the tooth to alleviate pain. It is available at a pharmacy or supermarket.


Clean the crown and slide it onto the tooth with dental cement, which can be purchased at the local pharmacy.


If the crown or filling is lost, smear dental cement directly on top of the tooth to reduce discomfort. Dental cement will help to protect and seal the area until you see your dentist. DO NOT use any kind of household glue to cement the crown.

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