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Transformative Dental Crowns: Your Pathway to a Dazzling and Confident Smile

If you're feeling self-conscious about missing or broken teeth, dental crowns might be the perfect solution for you. These restorative treatments can restore your teeth to their original size, shape, and functionality. Moreover, they enhance the strength and overall aesthetics of your smile. It's all about finding the right dentist near you who specializes in providing dental crowns, ensuring you receive custom crowns made from the best materials for long-lasting, natural-looking results.


Have questions about dental crowns? Read on for answers to help you make an informed decision about this restorative treatment.


How can I benefit from dental crowns near me?


Crowns are innovative solutions for restoring damaged teeth. Beyond repair, they enhance the strength and appearance of your teeth. To achieve these results, it's essential that they're made from high-quality materials that mimic the appearance of natural teeth (such as porcelain). Other options include porcelain fused to metal and all-metal crowns, like gold, each offering its unique benefits.


What dental crowns should I choose?


The material for your dental crowns depends on their placement in your mouth. Typically, porcelain and all-ceramic crowns are great for front teeth due to their natural appearance. For back teeth, which require more strength for chewing and grinding, zirconium or porcelain-fused metal crowns are often recommended for their durability.


Are there other options for dental crowns near me?


Dentists in Lynnwood provide a variety of materials for dental crowns, each with its own advantages:

  • Ceramic - These porcelain-based crowns offer a natural look.

  • Porcelain-fused to metal - Known for their exceptional durability and strength

  • Gold alloys - A mix of gold, copper, and other metals, offering strength and reduced wear on adjacent teeth

  • All-resin - An affordable option, though they may be more prone to wear and fractures.

  • Base metal alloys - Comprised of non-noble metals, these crowns resist corrosion and require minimal removal of the healthy tooth for fitting.

Should I consider dental crowns near me?


To determine if dental crowns are right for you, visit us at Lynnwood Dental Studio. Book an appointment online or call (425) 778 5665 for a consultation. We'll guide you through the process and help you decide if dental crowns are the best option for your dental needs.

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