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Root Canal Therapy in Lynnwood 

Root Canal Dentist Services Lynnwood, WA

Endodontic disease refers to dental pulp that is irritated, inflamed, and infected due to deep decay, large fillings, cracks, trauma, and repeated dental procedures. When this happens, it can lead to serious dental problems. Toothache, painful infections, swollen gums, and persistent toothaches are signs of endodontic disease. These problems can lead to tooth loss as well as other complex health problems. Patients may be able to save their teeth and preserve wellness with the treatment commonly known as root canal therapy.

Root Canal

Root canal therapy typically involves the dentist drilling the tooth, cleaning out the infected area, and placing a cap or dental crown over the tooth to protect it from further infection. Many patients qualify for sedation or localized anesthesia to avoid discomfort during the procedure.

In Lynnwood WA, the local community trusts Lynnwood Dental Studio for affordable root canal therapy and for quality care. We have the training and technology required to properly inspect affected teeth and provide the most effective treatment. At Lynnwood Dental Studio, we provide top-notch care and excellent value.

Trust Lynnwood Dental Studio team to effectively save your teeth. We are happy to review all your options for treatment with you and will provide objectively sound advice about what treatment would yield your preferred outcome.


Contact Lynnwood Dental Studio at 425-778-5665 to schedule an appointment. We proudly serve patients from Lynnwood, WA, and the surrounding areas.

Frequently asked questions about root canals

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