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Race Against Pain: The Speedy Solution of Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal

Updated: Mar 29

When a wisdom tooth decides to make its grand, painful entrance, it doesn't care if you've got a big presentation the next day, an exam waiting to be conquered, or a weekend getaway planned. The discomfort can knock on your door unannounced and turn your routine upside down.


At Lynnwood Dental Studio, we've seen our fair share of wisdom tooth dramas. The key thing to know is that waiting it out isn't just tough — it can actually worsen the situation and lead to more severe issues like infection or impact on other teeth.


But when do you know that it's time to consider emergency wisdom tooth removal? Here are a few signs that indicate the pressing need for one:


●     Swelling in the gums or face

●     Severe pain or discomfort

●     Difficulty opening your mouth

●     Redness and irritation around the affected area


If you are nodding your head right now and have thought "That's me" at least three times, then the first thing you should do is book an emergency wisdom tooth removal so our team of experts can take a closer look.


Is wisdom tooth extraction painful?


It can be quite uncomfortable. This is why local anesthesia is given before the extraction process to numb the area. It's normal to experience a sensation of pressure as the dentist or oral surgeon prepares the area for removal by gently manipulating the tooth to loosen its socket. After the removal, you may experience some pain and swelling, but our team will provide you with aftercare instructions to help manage any discomfort.


How should you prepare yourself?


●     Have a list of any medications you're taking and any allergies you have.

●     Arrange for a ride home. The effects of anesthesia mean you won’t be in a condition to drive after the procedure. It’s important to have someone who can take you home safely.

●     Stock your fridge. After the removal, it's recommended to eat soft, easy-to-chew foods. Stock up on soups, yogurts, and smoothies to avoid any discomfort while eating.

●     Take the day off. Give yourself a clear schedule on the day of the procedure and, ideally, the day after as well. This will allow your body the time it needs to start the healing process without additional stress.

●     Follow pre-surgery instructions. Your dentist will give you specific instructions to follow before the surgery. Follow them carefully.


If you find yourself or someone you care about wincing from wisdom tooth woes, remember that help is just an appointment away. Visit our website at to book your emergency wisdom tooth removal.



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