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How Dentures Replace Lost Teeth With New, Natural, and Lightweight Teeth

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

When you have missing teeth, you might feel a range of emotions like embarrassment, discomfort, and self-consciousness. You may even be frustrated about not being able to enjoy the food you used to eat. With dentures, you have less to worry about. Your dentist may recommend dentures in Lynnwood to replace lost teeth, so you can speak and eat well, and regain your confidence.

Are dentures really necessary?

You might be wondering if dentures are important and if you could consider the rest of your life without teeth. Unfortunately, losing your teeth can cause further problems. Your facial muscles will sag and make you look older than you actually are. So, be sure to speak with your Lynnwood dentist about getting a replacement.

Dentures will fill out your face’s profile and appearance. Today’s modern technology and innovations enabled manufacturers to design and craft dentures to closely resemble natural teeth, This way, you can smile naturally and your new dental appliance will not drastically change your appearance. They may even enhance your smile.

Benefits of dentures

As you search for a dentist near me, you may be wondering which of them can offer dentures in Lynnwood. All dentists can, but they may differ in the quality of their products and treatment. An experienced and reputable Lynnwood dentist can offer either conventional or full dentures, depending on your unique needs.

Dentures are classified according to the number of teeth to be replaced and how they are held in your mouth. Conventional dentures are designed to directly fit over your gums. They may be recommended if you cannot undergo surgery for dental implants or if your jawbone structure is insufficient to support an implant.

Full dentures will replace all the teeth in the lower or upper arch. When you look up a dentist near me, find out their procedure for providing a full denture. Usually, they will wait until you are completely healed from teeth extraction before designing the denture. If you cannot wait, they may recommend an immediate full denture. There are also partial dentures in Lynnwood for replacing missing molars. They come with wires to fit over the front teeth.

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