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General & Family Dentist in Lynnwood

Dentists, Lynnwood, WA

Family dental care is one of the most important dental care approaches of  Lynnwood Dental Studio.  It is the practice of caring for your teeth to keep them healthy. This helps to avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel loss, and periodontitis.


Our Family Dental Services

Preventive Dental Services in Lynnwood 

Regular dental exams are an important part of preventive health care. Even if you do not have any noticeable symptoms, it's important to consult your dentist for regular dental exams to maintain your oral health. The dental exam gives your dentist a chance to provide suggestions on caring for your teeth and to detect any problems early so that they can be treated. 


We understand that not everyone is comfortable in visiting a dentist. Do not worry! You are not alone! If you're anxious about having a dental exam, we will adjust your treatment to help you feel more comfortable.


Deep Cleaning

(scaling & Root Panning)

Dental Sealants


Although thorough brushing and flossing can remove food particles and plaque from smooth surfaces of your teeth, food particles get into the nooks and cracks of the back teeth. You need sealants to seal out these areas and prevent tooth decay.


Fluoride Treatment


Your teeth are in a constant battle with demineralization, caused by acids produced by bacteria. Acids weaken the surface of enamel and lead to tooth decay and cavity formation. That is why you need a fluoride treatment to increase the remineralization process and prevent cavity formation.


Preventive Dentistry at Lynnwood Dental Studio

Your dentist at Lynnwood Dental Studio provides dental care to people of all ages. At a routine visit to our Lynnwood dentist office, we will take x-rays and perform a thorough examination of your mouth including teeth, gums, and other structures. We will also do professional cleaning of your teeth, and discuss your overall dental health. If your exam reveals the presence of tooth decay, we may do the filling in the affected tooth.


Yet these procedures are hardly the only services we provide at our dentist practice in Lynnwood. Check our website or call us at (425) 778 5665 for the various dentist services that we offer in Lynnwood.

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